What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure

dv1675004There is pulp at the center of the teeth that holds the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. While your tooth is still growing, the pulp is important for root growth. Once your teeth are fully in place, however, they can survive without the pulp. If your pulp is inflamed or infected, your dentist might suggest a root canal procedure, which entails the following:


Before the dentist starts to work on the tooth, he or she will first take an X-ray to make sure that the infection has not spread to the bone. Once he or she is sure that the infection is only in the affected tooth, the dentist uses an anesthesia to numb the area to get it ready for the procedure.


The next step of the procedure is to remove the damaged pulp, the nerve tissue, and any debris that might be negatively affecting the tooth. The dentist must first drill a small hole into the tooth and then use root canal files to reach down into the tooth to remove all of these parts. After the area is cleaned, the dentist seals it. If there is still an infection in the tooth, though, the dentist might first medicate it, add a temporary filling, and ask you to come in for another appointment before the final sealing.


The dentist uses a combination of sealer paste and a type of rubber to fill in the tooth and prevent further issues. He or she might need to add a dental crown to reinforce the tooth and strengthen it after decay and infection have caused some foundational issues.

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