Why Oral Piercings Pose a Threat to Your Teeth and Gums

While tongue rings and other piercings may be trending now, these devices can cause significant harm to your teeth and gums that lasts for life. If you want to protect your smile from decay, gum disease, and other serious issues, you may want to think twice before you head in for your piercing appointment. Read on for an overview of three reasons why oral piercings are so dangerous to your teeth and gums.

Likelihood of Tooth Damage

Tongue piercings, lip rings, and other types of oral piercings can put your teeth in danger of becoming seriously damaged. If you accidentally knock your piercing against a tooth, the hard metal could immediately crack or chip your tooth enamel. Even patients who take the utmost care to protect their teeth from their piercings are still in danger of damaging their teeth.

Increased Chances of Infection

When you receive a piercing in your mouth, you will create the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow and thrive. Even if your piercing is not actively infected, it can still harbor bacteria that are harmful to your smile. Over time, your piercing can make your mouth more susceptible to gum infections and other serious problems.

Added Risk of Tooth Decay

Along with making your mouth more susceptible to infections, the bacteria that breed in your oral piercing can add to your risk of tooth decay. Cavities form when bacteria on the teeth and gums start to eat away at the tooth enamel. When you have an oral piercing, you will increase the number of bacteria and your mouth, which can increase your number of cavities over time.


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