Why Is It Important to Brush Your Teeth Before Bed?

It’s important to brush your teeth twice each day, but does it matter when you do it? Brushing your teeth before bed reduces the potential for plaque buildup and keeps you in your normal routine, and it also maintains your cosmetic dentistry results. Find out why it’s so important to brush your teeth before bed by reading ahead.

Avoid Plaque Buildup

If you don’t brush your teeth before you go to sleep, you’re more likely to develop plaque buildup on your teeth. Plaque accrues on the surface of your teeth all the time, but you can usually get rid of it by brushing and flossing. Eventually it will turn into tartar or calculus, however, at which point you’ll need your dentist to get rid of it for you. Brushing your teeth before you go to bed helps get rid of plaque, so you can avoid tooth decay and tartar buildup.

Stick to the Routine

Sticking to your dental hygiene routine helps you stay on top of your oral health. When you brush your teeth before you go to sleep every night, you get yourself into a routine that’s easy to follow. Stay on this routine to preserve your oral health and your beautiful smile.

Protect Tooth Color

Cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile, but you must maintain your teeth and gums if you want to retain your results. By brushing your teeth before you go to bed, you remove chromogens that stain your teeth and reverse the results of your teeth whitening treatment. Maintain your beautiful smile by removing staining agents from your teeth before you go to sleep.


No matter how often you see the dentist in Tucson, you still need to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. John Carson, DDS is a top dentist that can help you revive your oral health as well as your appearance, and you can reach a representative by calling (520) 514-7203.


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