Everything You Should Know About Fluoride Supplementation

Fluoride has long been recognized as an important building block for healthy teeth. Despite some controversy, fluoride has been proven to be safe and effective when delivered in the right doses. Many people do not get an adequate amount of fluoride, which can leave them vulnerable to dental health issues. For kids, dentists often recommend fluoride supplements to protect their teeth from cavities, and in some cases, adults can benefit as well. Here are the facts you need to know about fluoride supplementation and its impact on your oral health.

Fluoride is added to many municipal water supplies.

Fluoride has long been added to many municipal water supplies to reduce the risk of cavities in the community. The level of fluoride added to water is recognized as safe and effective and is closely monitored. By drinking water with added fluoride, not only do you bathe your teeth with fluoride but you also get systemic fluoride, which helps tooth structures and increases fluoride in the saliva to protect the teeth.

Bottled and filtered water has reduced fluoride consumption.

As people turn away from tap water to bottled water or filtered water, they are reducing the amount of fluoride they get. Even when these water sources do have fluoride, they do not have optimum levels for dental health. Lack of fluoride can increase the risk of cavities and make teeth weaker.

Fluoride supplements can help reverse low fluoride levels.

There are many ways to increase fluoride intake. You can apply fluoride to your teeth topically with toothpastes and rinses. Your dentist can offer professional-grade, topical fluoride treatments. If you are considering increasing your child’s fluoride intake, consult your dentist first. Kids who get too much fluoride can develop fluorosis, a condition that causes striations or pitting on the teeth.


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