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Will Sleep Apnea Get Worse Without Treatment?

Sleep apnea can be a debilitating condition, but many people don’t even realize they have it. This prevents them from seeking treatment, which means the symptoms continue to affect their daily lives. Meet with your dentist if you suspect that you have this condition and read on to see if sleep apnea will get worse without treatment.

Prolonged Fatigue

You need to sleep at night so your body and heal and restore itself , or your body will try to get you to sleep during the day. Daytime fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea, and it can have a real effect on day to day life. If you have sleep apnea and you don’t get treatment when you should, you’ll continue to feel drowsy and drained throughout the day, which can affect your performance at work and your overall quality of life.

Higher Risk for Disease

Sleep apnea has been connected to many other health conditions like high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. The longer you go without treating your sleep apnea, the more susceptible you’ll be to these serious diseases. Take note of your symptoms and see your doctor or dentist for treatment.


Those who suffer from sleep apnea deal with a range of symptoms every day, and they might not know why they feel the way they do. Unfortunately, the way they react to this may make the problem worse. Being overweight and drinking too much alcohol both contribute to the effects of sleep apnea. If you or perhaps and friend or loved one is noticing symptoms such as fatigue or irritability, see a doctor rather than self-medicating and potentially making the problem worse.


If you don’t want to wait for sleep apnea to get worse, talk to your dentist in Tucson for treatment as soon as you can. John Carson, DDS is qualified to help you deal with your sleeping problems, so call the office at (520) 514-7203 today.

How Does Radiology Improve Sleep Apnea Diagnoses?

Imaging techniques keep getting better and better, so today’s dentists are able to get a good look at your teeth, gums, and jaws to figure out what’s ailing you. Radiology is one such imaging technique, and your dentist can use it to identify the proper treatment plan, so you can take your life back. Here’s how radiology improves sleep apnea diagnoses.

Better Look at the Problem

Your dentist needs to be able to see what’s going on to make an accurate diagnosis, and radiology has been an incredibly helpful tool. We haven’t narrowed sleep apnea down to a specific cause, but we have identified risk factors and we know what’s going on in the throat, lungs, and brain. Thanks to radiology, we can gain a better perspective of what might be causing the problem. Heavy alcohol drinkers and overweight people may suffer from the same condition for different reasons, but we can’t pinpoint it unless we get a good look at what’s going on, and radiology helps.

More Effective Treatment

When we have a better idea of why a given problem is happening, we have a better idea of what to do about it. The images we get from radiology lets us look at each patient individually and may help determine why he or she is suffering from sleep apnea. Then working with your physician we can help craft a treatment plan specifically for the patient.

Higher Quality of Life

Sleep apnea treatment can be life changing. Getting the condition under control reduces the direct symptoms of sleep apnea like fatigue and headaches, as well as the risk for serious conditions like high blood pressure and stroke.


Radiology helps your dentist in Tucson see everything he or she needs to see to make the proper diagnosis and create the ideal treatment plan. Call John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203 if you’re ready to take control of your sleep apnea, or visit our website to learn about our practice.

How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

You’ve tried dealing with your missing teeth and you’ve tried dentures, and neither option has been right for you. If this sounds like your case, you should look into dental implants. They can completely restore your smile and your health, and they’ll even boost your self-esteem. Keep reading and see how dental implants can change your life.

Renew Your Smile

If you’re missing a lot of your teeth and you want to bring your smile back to life, dental implants may be the way to go. Some people decide on dentures, which can also restore a person’s entire smile at once, and others recognize the benefits of dental implants over conventional dentures. You can also talk to your dentist about treatments like implant-supported bridges or All-on-Four Implants. This type of procedure replaces one or both arches at once using only four implants for each arch.

Enjoy Your Health

One of the problems with missing teeth is that it’s more difficult to eat healthy foods. You can’t bite down into an apple or crunch into a stalk of broccoli if you don’t have the teeth for it, and dentures don’t always make it easy. Dental implants will stay perfectly in place because they are fused to your jawbone. After yours are healed, you should be able to eat everything you used to eat.

Be Comfortable and Confident

In addition to improving your diet, the sturdiness of dental implants can make you more confident. Your teeth won’t move around when you talk to your friends, and you’ll never wonder where you left your dentures again.


Are you looking to change your life with cosmetic dentistry in Tucson? Call John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203 to set up an appointment. Dr. Carson’s goal is to deliver excellence in everything he and his team do, so visit his website to learn about the full scope of his services.

Common Dental Questions: Why Is Bad Breath So Much Worse in the Morning?

Having bad breath can be an unpleasant experience at any time, and breath tends to be worse when we first wake up in the morning. While the reason isn’t necessarily the same for everyone, but there are several clear factors that can contribute to bad morning breath. Let’s answer the common question of why bad breath is so much worse in the morning.

Poor Dental Hygiene

We’ve all had bad breath at some point in our lives, and as we have mentioned it tends to be a more prevalent occurrence during the morning. Sometimes this is due to poor dental hygiene. If you don’t brush your teeth before you go to sleep, you’ll let bacteria, food debris, and other contaminants build up on your teeth and tongue. The chemical reactions that happen between these leftovers inside your mouth can create a foul stench that will come right out when you wake up.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is used to break down food in the mouth, and it’s also used to flush away food particles after you’re done eating. If you don’t produce enough saliva, you’ll have trouble getting this done. This means the contaminants in your mouth have all night to interact and create the bad breath that you wake up with in the morning, since there’s not enough saliva to rinse it all away.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Some people experience dry mouth as a side effect of medications, while others experience it because of snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition that can do much more than taint your breath, so see your dentist for treatment.


You can conquer bad breath by brushing and flossing as well as meeting with your dentist in Tucson on a regular basis. John Carson, DDS can help you turn your oral health and your breath around, so call the office at (520) 514-7203 or look at our website.