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Why Sleep Apnea May Get Worse If You Get Sick

Sleep apnea is a real health problem, and it only stands to become more of an issue if you get sick on top of it. You’ll have an even harder time breathing at night, and your immune system will already be weakened by your sickness. The medication you take to treat the sickness can also have an effect. Here’s why sleep apnea may get worse if you get sick.

Worse Blockages
People who suffer from sleep apnea wake up repeatedly throughout the night because they can’t get enough air. This is often due to blockages in the airway, and these blockages also contribute to snoring. Snoring is the sound of soft tissue in the body reacting to the force of air trying to make its way to the lungs. If you’re sick, there’s even more going on in your airway that can prevent you from getting the oxygen you need.

Compromised Immune System
There is a link between sleep apnea and your overall health, which is shown by the correlation between this sleeping disorder and severe health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. When you add another type of sickness to the mix, your immune system must work overtime. This is bad news for your body, as it allows both sleep apnea and your overlapping sickness to do more damage.

Complications with Medications
Certain kinds of medications can cause sleep apnea complications as well, which makes it tricky to treat your condition without aggravating your sleep apnea symptoms. Muscle relaxers are especially troublesome because they relax the muscles in the throat, which leads to more snoring and obstructions of the airway.
Dealing with sleep apnea can be more difficult when you’re sick, but John Carson, DDS can help you. Dr. Carson is a dentist in Tucson who offers general and cosmetic dentistry services, and you can reach his offices by calling (520) 514-7203.

Prepare for Your Wedding with a Smile Makeover

When you look at the pictures from your big day, you’ll enjoy seeing everyone’s beautiful smiles. You can boost your confidence and feel and look your best thanks to cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental implants, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. Keep reading and prepare for your wedding with a smile makeover.

Dental Implants
You don’t want to be missing a front tooth in your wedding pictures, and there’s a safe and effective way to replace that missing tooth so your pictures come out just the way you had imagined. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth, so you can enjoy a brand-new smile and the confidence that comes along with it. A dental implant takes the place of a natural tooth in terms of both the crown and the root. The implant portion will continue to stimulate the jawbone, so your face stays the same shape and looks as beautiful as ever for your wedding.

Porcelain Veneers
A small chip in your tooth can be noticeable, and even if it’s not noticeable to other people, you might still be self-conscious about it. Porcelain veneers can solve that problem quickly and painlessly. A veneer is a thin shield that goes over the front of your tooth, covering up stains, cracks, chips, and gaps. Maintain your porcelain veneers and look your best on your wedding day by limiting or avoiding staining beverages like coffee and wine.

Teeth Whitening
If your teeth have already been stained, teeth whitening treatment can help. This is a great choice for those who start every day with coffee. Teeth whitening can make your teeth a few shades brighter, making your smile more contagious than ever.
Look your best on your wedding day with the help of a quality dentist in Tucson like John Carson, DDS. Visit his website or call the offices at (520) 514-7203 to learn about your smile makeover options.

What’s the Harm in Biting Your Nails?

You might practice perfect dental hygiene and see your dentist regularly, but if you bite your nails, you’re still holding your oral health back. Biting your nails is bad for your teeth and your gums, and it can lead to health conditions that affect your overall wellbeing. Read on and find out what the harm is in biting your nails.

Wearing of Your Enamel
Your tooth enamel is tough, but so are your fingernails. You should be protecting your tooth enamel rather than putting it in danger, so avoid biting your nails. The forces between your tooth enamel and your fingernails will wear away at both sides, but unlike your nails, your tooth enamel won’t grow back. If the problem gets really bad, you’ll have to see your dentist for cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers or dental crowns.

Damage to Soft Tissue
Biting your nails can damage other areas of the mouth in addition to your tooth enamel. Even though you’re not using your gums, tongue, or cheeks to bite your fingernails, all it takes is one slip up to damage your soft tissue. Long, sharp nails are particularly dangerous, and they can end up slicing your soft tissue by accident. This can cause bleeding, scarring, and other complications that impact your oral health, so try to kick the habit.

Spread of Bacteria
We’ve been encouraged to wash our hands regularly since we were children, and for good reason. Every time you touch just about anything, you pick up germs and spread bacteria. Biting your nails is a great way for these bacteria to end up in your mouth and ultimately cause many health problems, so it’s best to use the nail clipper.
If you’ve already damaged your teeth from biting your nails, call John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203 and see how cosmetic dentistry in Tucson can help. You can also visit our practice’s website to learn about our team and the services we provide.

Tooth-Saving Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

People rely on coffee to give them a jump start in the morning, but many of these people can’t function if they don’t get their beverage. Coffee can be bad for you on many levels, including your oral health, so consider switching to a healthier option. Here are some tooth-saving alternatives to your morning coffee.

Coffee and tea go hand in hand, but tea is much less likely to stain your teeth than coffee is. There are countless varieties of types of tea and coffee to choose from, but most types of tea won’t threaten the whiteness of your smile. If you just went through a tooth whitening procedure and you’re trying to make the results last, switch from coffee to a lighter tea.

Your morning snack can be as healthy as it is revitalizing, and smoothies are proof. You still want to be careful with smoothies because they often contain berries, which can also stain your teeth. Pay attention to the ratio of ingredients you mix, and drink water after your smoothie to wash out your mouth.

Better Sleep
If you get a good night’s sleep every night, you might not need a boost of energy in the morning. There’s no better alternative to a healthy lifestyle, so eat healthy, exercise, and get to sleep on time. You’ll wake up feeling alive and refreshed when you get the right amount of sleep. Leave yourself enough time to get a full night of sleep by the time you have to wake up, and buy a mattress that keeps you comfortable throughout the night. If you wake up feeling rejuvenated, you won’t need to rely on coffee to get yourself started in the morning.
Try cutting down on the coffee, and see your dentist in Tucson for regular checkups to keep your teeth in shape. Call John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203 or look at his website to find out what he can do for you today.