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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Aging Gracefully

Cracked, missing, and stained teeth are some of the most common signs of an aging smile. Years of everyday use through eating and drinking, and habits such as drinking coffee and red wine or smoking, will stain teeth and eat away at your enamel. Without proper dental hygiene and regular checkups, many seniors experience increased instances of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth damage or loss.

To keep your smile looking youthful and healthy, consult with your dentist about cosmetic dentistry options. Treatments including tooth whitening, dental veneers, and crowns can reverse the signs of aging. Below we’ll discuss how dentists use cosmetic procedures to turn back time and give your smile a more youthful appearance:

Smoking and certain foods and drinks lead to permanent staining. A cosmetic dentist can restore your smile’s brightness with professional whitening. Professional whitening will get your teeth several shades lighter more quickly and effectively than over-the-counter kits. Patients looking for quicker results may want to consider in-office treatments. There are also at-home whitening treatments, which involve a customized tray and prescription strength whitening gel.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers can give your smile a complete makeover. This treatment is used to correct irregularities such as gaps between teeth and uneven or stained teeth. Veneers are thin sections of porcelain the dentist will bond to your tooth to recreate the natural contour and color of your smile. The porcelain will not stain, and it is even stronger than your regular tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers will give you a bright, flawless smile for years to come!

Porcelain Crowns
Teeth that are worn down, missing enamel, or cracked will affect the health of surrounding teeth and your entire smile. To bring back the function and beauty of your damaged tooth, a cosmetic dentist can apply a porcelain crown. A crown rebuilds the entire structure of the damaged tooth to restore functionality and create a more beautiful smile.

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How Stress Can Negatively Impact Your Oral Health

While stress is a normal part of life, it can be harmful to your health and your appearance. Not only does frequent stress lead to heart disease, wrinkles, and muscle tension, but it also causes a number of oral health issues. Here is a quick look at just a few of the potential oral health consequences of unmanaged stress.


There are a number of causes for sores that appear in and around the mouth—most commonly canker sores and cold sores. Stress can be a factor in the appearance of both of these types of sores, which may be very painful and irritating. Cold sores can also be a source of embarrassment, as they are typically visible on the lips.

Gum disease

If you use food or alcohol as stress relief, you might consider an alternative stress-fighting strategy. Comfort foods that are high in fat or sugar can promote tooth decay and poor gum health. Alcohol leads to dry mouth, which creates an environment more hospitable to bacteria and plaque. Stress might lead you to other unhealthy habits such as neglecting to floss, putting you at high risk for gum disease.

Clenching and grinding

Stress can manifest itself in your sleep in the form of tooth grinding. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you will wear away tooth enamel and create tension in the jaw. You may be prescribed a night guard to keep your jaw in place and protect your teeth as you rest. Daytime grinding and clenching may be harder to treat, as you will need to be more aware of this habit and work to break it. Prolonged grinding and clenching can lead to TMJ disorder.

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Take Better Care Of Your Smile With These Educational Links

If you have enjoyed reading about kids’ dental health and better habits for your teeth and gums, read through the articles below. To schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning, cosmetic consultation, or restorative treatment, call Dr. John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203.

This fun experiment from will help you educate your child about the benefits of daily tooth brushing.

The food you eat can do damage to your smile. See the worst offenders for tooth decay in this article from The Huffington Post.

Use these tips from The American Dental Association to select the best toothbrush for your teeth. explains what a high-stress lifestyle can do to your oral health.

Learn to effectively manage your stress by visiting


Tips for Detecting Gum Disease

Did you know that half of all Americans suffer from some type of gum disease? Most people with gum disease have early stage periodontitis, which is known more commonly as gingivitis. At this stage, gum disease can be treated with healthier habits at home like better brushing and daily flossing.

As this video explains, the number one sign to look for in the detection of gum disease is pink in the sink, which is blood from inflamed gum tissue. When you start flossing as part of your home-treatment for gingivitis, you will notice some excess bleeding, but this will subside as you continue the habit.

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3 Healthy Dental Habits for Kids

When you set a foundation of positive habits for oral care early in life, your child will have stronger, healthier teeth for years to come. Kids can be stubborn when it comes to proper brushing and flossing, though, so you may need to employ some creative strategies to establish these beneficial habits.

1. Avoid sugary foods

High-sugar foods like candy, soda, and cookies will do serious damage to the teeth when they are consumed frequently. Therefore it is important to treat these foods as rare treats rather than daily fare. In moderation, a soda or piece of candy will not be too harmful to the teeth, but regular snacking on sugary foods will be a recipe for cavities. After school, offer your children veggie sticks, fresh fruit, cheese, or whole wheat crackers as snacks instead of cookies or other baked goods.

2. Create a brushing routine

If you demonstrate the importance of regular brushing and flossing, your child will be more motivated to keep up good cleaning habits. You might show your child what tooth decay looks like in pictures or explain how brushing is necessary for strong, shiny teeth. Once your child is more excited about brushing, you might create a song or spoken story to go along with his or her morning and evening brushing routines.

3. Drink plenty of water

Water is the best beverage for healthy teeth, because it promotes saliva production, washes away food particles, and leaves behind no acid or sugary residue. You can make water a little more exciting with a light splash of juice, which will be much friendlier for the teeth than a whole glass of acidic fruit juice.

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