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Our recent blogs have discussed some important facts about dental procedures like CEREC crowns and root canals that can improve the health and look of your smile. You can find related information about these topics with these links recommended by Dr. Carson. To schedule an appointment with John Carson, DDS, call our dental office at (520) 514-7203 or visit our website.

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Helpful Information for Root Canal Patients

The root canal is a dental procedure that can save natural teeth and relieve a great deal of pain caused by infection of the tooth pulp. While in the past dental drills and techniques were less sophisticated and more painful for the patient, today a root canal is relatively painless and quick. To help you better understand what to expect during a root canal, review the steps to the procedure below:

1.      The tooth canals are measured: The dentist needs to know how deep your root canals are so that all the diseased or damaged pulp can be removed. Digital x-rays will allow the dentist to acquire these measurements quickly and assess the extent of the damage to your tooth.

2.      The canals are cleaned: Depending on the tooth, there may be between one and four canals that need to be cleaned out. This will be done with specialized tools that remove diseased pulp while your mouth is numbed so you don’t feel any pain. If you are not comfortable using only local sedation, your dentist can prescribe medication for twilight anesthesia.

3.      The tooth is filled and capped: After the diseased pulp is removed, your teeth will need to be filled so that no more damage occurs to the internal structure of the tooth. A crown will probably be placed over the tooth as well to reinforce the strength of the restoration procedure. Any pain associated with the infection of the tooth will subside because the affected nerves of the tooth are removed with the pulp. The tooth will no longer be capable of sensing hot or cold, but its function is otherwise unaffected.

If you are in pain because of a toothache or trauma to a tooth, contact the Tucson dental office of Dr. John Carson, DDS at (520) 514-7203. We can help you decide if the root canal is the right procedure for you and offer beautiful restorations to retain the aesthetics of your smile.

Your Smile: Summer 2012

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Your Smile: Summer 2012

CEREC One Visit Crowns

Video: CEREC One Visit Crowns

CEREC technology is an excellent addition to the dentist’s office because it provides accurate, durable restorations in just one trip to the dentist.

You can get a glimpse of this technology in action by watching this helpful video. It shows the process of taking a digital impression that is then used to model a tooth shaped restoration that fits perfectly into your mouth. With CEREC technology, the entire restoration procedure can be completed in one office visit. The materials used for the crowns are customized for each patient, so the restoration is able to last for years.

Find out if CEREC can benefit your smile by scheduling an appointment at the Tucson dental office of Dr. John Carson, DDS. Call us at (520) 514-7203 or visit our website, for all of your cosmetic and preventative dentistry needs.

A Guide to the Quick and Easy CEREC Procedure

If you have been putting off much needed dental work because you do not want to commit to multiple visits to the dentist’s office, CEREC crowns may be the answer for your dental restoration. These crowns are made in just moments using a digital impression of your teeth, so they offer the perfect fit without the need for temporary crowning, messy casts of the teeth, or extensive time in the dentist’s chair.

One office visit for a renewed smile

CEREC crowns are durable tooth restorations made from porcelain fused to gold. They can be used in nearly any situation where traditional crowns are appropriate including repair of the tooth after a root canal, covering misshapen or cracked teeth, and holding a bridge in place. Using advanced digital technology, the CEREC restoration is fitted to your smile. With traditional crowns, messy impressions need to be taken of the teeth before the permanent restoration is crafted in the lab. Traditional crowns often required multiple dental appointments. The CEREC machine creates the permanent crown while you are in the dentist’s chair with the sophisticated technology of computer-aided design.

Life after CEREC crowning

Because the CEREC procedure is so quick and painless, you can return to your normal activities the same day you get your new crown. The porcelain finish of the crown will make it look like one of your natural teeth, and you can care for it just as you would your own tooth enamel with brushing and flossing. CEREC’s digital impression technology allows for crowns that fit seamlessly into your smile, which results in a long-lasting restoration.

Find out exactly what CEREC can do for your smile with Dr. John Carson, DDS. Our Tucson dental office offers this advanced procedure and other preventative and cosmetic dental procedures. Schedule your first consultation with us on our website or call (520) 514-7203.